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Ursula Quatember

About Me



Between 1994 to 2006, I studied Classical Archaeology and Egyptology at the University of Vienna, specializing in "Bauforschung" (architectural building research) and Classical architectural history.  My dissertation was written on the architectural reconstruction and the history of the Fountain of Trajan in Ephesos.  In both my research and teaching, I emphasize on a contextual approach to study ancient architecture. In my projects, I have tried to combine a detailed architectural documentation and building research with issues that pertain to cultural history and ancient society.

Besides Hellenistic and Roman architecture, my work also involves the methods of architectural building research. I am very interested in ancient building technique and architectural conservation and cultural heritage, particularly, in the long-term effects of rebuilding and anastylosis on the preservation of the structure. Other research topics include history of research and the reuse of ancient forms and ideas in contemporary popular culture, such as comics.

Currently I am preparing a book on the “Architecture of Roman Asia Minor” which will also serve as my “Habilitation” at the University of Graz. Between 2012 and 2016, I have taught in the master program "Historische Bauforschung" and in the bachelor program for architecture at the OTH Regensburg (Germany). In the summer semester 2014, I also gave a course at the Institute for Classical Archaeology at the University of Vienna. Since the summer semester 2016, I am teaching at the University of Graz. In the summer term 2019 I am scheduled to conduct a seminar at the University of Würzburg, Germany.

The focus of my fieldwork lies mainly in Turkey, but I have also participated in archaeological research in Italy (Tivoli, Villa Hadriana) and Egypt (Tell el-Daba). From 1997 until 2012, I worked in various projects in Ephesos, Turkey.  Currently I am involved in three archaeological excavations: the first being the international excavations of Aphrodisias in Turkey, directed by Prof. R.R.R. Smith, under the auspices of New York University and Oxford University, and the second is the excavtions of Limyra in Turkey, directed by Dr. Martin Seyer of the Austrian Archaeological Institute, as well as the US excavation of Sardes, also in Turkey, directed by Prof. Nicholas Cahill of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, under the auspices of University of Harvard.

This website is intended to give an overview of my academic curriculum, projects and publications.

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